Poem: So here I am

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  • So here I am
    Crying over the spilt milk
    Knowing it is pre-Ordained by The Haqq but refuse to accept it

    Is this the way a lowly slave should act?
    The murderer is crying when the murdered happened
    When she himself seeking for the death

    Refuse to move on even though the path is clear
    Hard to let go of the old way
    Still basking in the unlawful thoughts
    Even though the conscience keep nagging

    Seek refuge in the True Love is the only way out
    She knows that is the only alternative but . . .
    O it’s so comfortable to be left here, she says
    Knowing the lights forward is attainable if she so desired
    However hard it is to conquer the present hurdle

    Have faith o slave of Allah
    Despair is not the way of a Muslim
    Don’t you always have tawbah?
    And Quran is full of hopefulness
    Turn back, Return back to the manual
    You will be fine

    by: Nadhilah Saffini

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